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about me!

Hi! I'm Melegie, a harpist in the Boston area. My real name is Melanie, and you can call me Mel or Melly if you like! I started uploading videos of myself playing harp during the pandemic and was soon embraced by a niche community who loved my music! I enjoy giving new breath to ancient songs and bringing these timeless relics of humanity back to the modern experience. With a sumptuous appreciation for all things nerdy/geeky, I especially enjoy covering video game songs! I play all genres of music on my harp, including original songs, traditional Celtic, video game music, pop and rock covers, and more! What I do feels like pure magic, and I'm so happy I'm able to create for you all.


Here is a website where you can find all my links. Check out the links on home page as well as the ones up top to delve into the magic. And be sure to follow my instagram, because that's my main platform! (You're not gonna want to miss out on the videos of my kitty, Figaro, playing my little harp!) 

The fastest way to reach me is by email. So please email me at, especially for business inquiries, as messages can quickly get buried on my social media accounts! 

Thank you so much for supporting me on my dream. It means the world to be able to create from my heart and have the world embrace it. I am the luckiest person alive. 



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